Anderson Silva’s gone crazy

Or has he?

Anderson The Spider SilvaFor the very first time in his UFC career, Anderson Silva trash-talked in the build-up to a fight. On the conference call here below, the champ has called Sonnen a criminal and threatened to break his limbs and teeth during their upcoming fight at UFC 148 on July 8th. Many think that to cause the champ’s anger has been the clever mental strategy of Sonnen which got Silva to lose his cool. . Others think that it is Anderson who is trying to intimidate the challenger and others still believe that Silva has gotten genuinely angry. It is impossible to tell who’s right and what the truth really is and whether, if Silva really is emotionally involved and was not putting up an act, we will see an angry Anderson Silva from the start. However, it would be interesting to see what the fight may look like if the champ was indeed to enter the cage with a raging mind-set moving away from his usual more collected and controlled style.

UFC 148 Pre-Fight Media Call

Based on what we have seen in the past and during his matches against Yushin Okami and Forrest Griffin, Silva seemed to finish the fights when he got psyched up and started to let go in a more wild manner. This is of course only a theory as we don’t know whether Anderson was able to get the finishes because he became more loose and fired-up or because he felt that we was already about to win. If the former is true though, then, by getting the champ to “lose it”, Chael Sonnen has just secured himself a harder night at the office and he might have just gifted us all with the key to a new evolution of Anderson Silva.

If the latter is true and Anderson will perform less because of his emotional involvement, then we have just found a genius in the UFC who could outtalk the classy and collected champ, outfight him mentally and break him down like only Mohammed Ali has been able to do as challenger to a champ before. One this is for sure though, the main event at UFC 148 will be the biggest sporting event of the year and arguably the biggest combat event ever.

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