Another Warrior is made

With the power of Action

MMA Mind CoachingThis post is not meant to be a brag about how good we are and the changes that I am able to make with MMA athletes (oh well maybe just a little bit :)); this post is about pointing out the difference between receiving help and using the help received – the old ” bring the horse to the water but can’t make him drink” story!

During the last year, we had calls, emails and messages calls of MMA athletes who wanted to thank me and the other guys at MMA Mind Power for the amazing results they achieved. I personally worked with athletes who used to suffer from terrible fight nerves, lack of confidence, paranoia about the colour of their clothing, limiting belief, inability to be aggressive and more. Most of the athletes I see achieve their desired change really quickly and that is most definitely not only because of the strategies and techniques used but because of the fact that these people actually adopted these strategies, they followed through and made a firm commitment to grow.

Some people resist to applying these strategies and that is down to two factors: 1. it’s all new stuff and they require a change. Change is always scary to a certain extent and therefore we tend to resist it. 2. it’s not complicated, it’s very simple stuff and that can sometimes be deceiving and give the wrong idea that if it’s so easy it cannot be that effective. Far from the truth – less is more! Once we overcome these two challenges and the athlete is committed to follow through, the rest is easy.

Here is an email which I received a couple of days ago from an athlete in Australia who I never met; he purchased ourĀ Audio Program The Warrior in You.

Hi Luca!


Many greetings from Canberra, Australia. Thankyou very much for MMA Mind Power. Just won my first MMA fight last night at a local show (Round 1 Standing TKO 2.10min)… Man your stuff really made me SO FOCUSED and PUMPED. I showed a strong chin and power with the ‘Warrior Suit’ and my combos landed clean with my opponent ending up spitting out his mouthguard then I hit him with an overhand to finish him off.


Thankyou very much and I look forward to more of your material…


Cheers mate!



So, apart from buying The Warrior in You now :), this post is an invite to take action on whatever change you know you have or want to make, to follow through and be committed to do all it takes to achieve your goals.

Good luck.

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