BCMMA #10 – Out with Injury

I will not be fighting at BCMMA #10 on March 28th. I’m injured!
Italiano QUI

10389325_508078575998043_4513405247399695286_nIt hasn’t been easy to put the hours in the gym, taking time from family time, training before people wake up and when people get ready to go to bed.

I’ve had to do a fair amount of traveling for work and finding the time and resources to train then wasn’t easy. But I did it because I love the sport.

Additionally to that, dropping all the weight I had to drop required some planning and determination. But I did it. I am at weight today, I could fight at 77kg tomorrow night if I had to. I did it because I love the sport.

Last Tuesday, during practice I injured my shoulder. Sparring – shot for a double leg really well, best technique I’ve ever pulled, the guy was coming towards me fast so I shot in real deep which, because for the hard resistance he posed, meant that when his feet came off the ground, I took him off the ground higher up than intended and then took him down. My shoulder landed violently on the mat and saw white! He was winded! So a combination of me shooting too hard and him coming in fast towards me. I heard crackling noised coming form my shoulder and it felt as if it went out of place and then back in. Really painful. I had to stop training.

Didn’t want to go to the hospital but my father-in-law, who is a doctor, reckoned that there might be a small fracture and recommended I’d get an X-ray. I didn’t, perhaps hoping that even if there was, mind over matter was on my side. Went to my “Myiagi” physio instead who, whilst not excluding that there could be a small fracture on the clavicle, treated the rest of the injury (soft tissue) and recommended a course of treatment. I spent the following few days running and doing all I could to stay active. Weight was good so didn’t need to worry about that. And I felt okay in terms of skills and preparation as well so I thought that as long as the shoulder ceased to hurt, then I’d be able to fight.

Yesterday was a wake up call; I’ve moved a few light things around in the garden and not only could I not actually lift anything heavier than 10Kgs, but the shoulder hurt a lot for the rest of the day. There’s a specific isolated point on the clavicle which is as sore as it was when it first happened, suggesting that a fracture might be present or, if not, then a more severe ligament injury than I’d hoped. So, called the doctor and arranged an appointment to get an X-ray sorted.

It was a really hard decision to pull out of this fight! I feel ready, really excited and massively eager to get in there… but if I can’t lift a passive, lifeless 10Kgs object, how am I going to deal with an 80Kg+ man who has the intention to overpower me??

So, painfully I have pulled out.

But… I still enjoyed the process of training, losing the weight and to a certain extent, the process of having to make this decision as this confirmed once again, how much I like to fight, to prepare and to go through the whole process. It’s not just about the fight! I love that part, it’s the easiest and most exciting… but I’ve always been a big believer that you must love the process that gets you to your goals, not just the achievement of them. I always teach to my mind coaching clients that  it is not about what happens to us but it’s

So what now? Here’s what now:

  • I will fight again soon: June at BCMMA #11
  • Tickets:
    • you can keep your tickets and attend BCMMA #10 which will be an awesome show
    • get your tickets refunded
    • get your tickets transferred to BCMMA #11 (my preferred option 😉 )

Just let me know

So, once again sorry and thank you for your support.

Massive thanks also to my sponsors:

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