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Gray Maynard vs Clay Guida Many are looking forward to this bout between two  of the most entertaining fighters in the UFC. They both have history of bringing amazing performances into the octagon and give the fans what they paid for and more. We, the coaches at MMA Mind Power, have agreed to what follows purely based on the athlete’s behaviour’s, interviews, non-verbal and recent circumstances.

Gray Maynard

Gray MaynardGenerally seems to be coming from a more emotional and involved position. What we mean by this is that all the drama that he had with the Edgard sequel, may have an effect on Gray’s mind. The way it works in very general terms is that your mind tends to associate external elements (such as environments, events etcetera) with internal factors (emotions, thoughts and feelings). Because of the length of time, number of fights and, most importantly, how close the battle between Gray and Frankie has been, it is fair to think that losing this battle got Maynard emotionally more hurt and frustrated than Clay Guida has had reason to be recently.

There is also a personality factor. By watching the videos below (courtesy of MMA Weekly.Com), you may notice that Maynard  seems (it is hard to make a 100% accurate assessment just with a video) to be directing his energy a lot more inwardly. What this means is that there is a lot of self talk and focus on his feelings and thoughts. Generally, there is no problem with this and some athletes actually use it as an asset as they “unleash” that energy in the cage; however, for some, especially if there is a burning urgency to prove themselves (whether to themselves or others), this inward focus and energy may cause problems in looking at the fight from third perspective which is sometimes useful to relax and be more creative during the fight.

Clay Guida

Clay GuidaIn the video below Clay talks about putting up a show for the fans, Dana White and Joe Silva and this, together with his general body language and non-verbal, can suggest that his mind-state is more focused on the outer world. Surely, the two athletes want the win just as bad and would be disappointed with a poor performance just as much. The difference is is purely to do with directing the energy inwardly or outwardly and the effects that one or the other would have on the fighters.


Whilst as we said before for some athletes directing their energy inwardly may be the winning strategy, all coaches here at MMA Mind Power feel that Maynard may feel a little more under pressure than Guida for this particular fight. With this we do not mean that Guida has less to lose or that Maynard is not confident that he will get the W; all we mean is that Clay Guida is, perhaps without even realising it, more light-hearted and goes into the fight with less mental intensity. Based on Why it is good to “lighten up in MMA”, we give the Mind Power to Clay Guida.

Video – Clay Guida

Video – Gray Maynard

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