A couple of good MMA Gear Companies…

As martial artist, I have tried many different brands when it comes to clothing and, as I am sure you did, I have found both amazing items and also not so good ones.  It is very important to us to help any martial artist make the right choices and avoid wasting hard earned money in things that are not worth it.

I have purchase a t-shirt from an online retailer and, although the price was indeed cheap, I was frustrated when the t-shirt literally fell apart after one session of rolling!

So, having had bad experiences myself, I have decided to list here below the ones that I have found that I think are most definitely worth checking out.  I am not saying that these are the only good ones, but I, and the athletes I work with, have have never had bad experiences with them.  We selected two in particular that we think you may like…


They have amazing deals on MMA clothing on a regular basis. Click HERE.

British Fighter

There is a fantastic company in the UK which had amazing gear at great prices.  They shorts and rguard are excellent, I buy them myself on a regular basis.  Tell them that Luca of MMA Mind Power recommended them to you please :)  Click HERE to get to their website.