Complete Mind Coaching audio program 100% FREE

100% FREE only for the next 24 hours

MMA Mind Power The Warrior in YouFor the next 24 hours only (until 30 May at 11pm UK time), we will be giving away the popular The Warrior in You MMA Mind Coaching program 100% FREE (normally $47). Why? Well, MMA Mind is having unexpected and sudden success with a regular weekly column on MMA, a weekly Mind Power Tip of the Week interview on The MMA Show with Mauro Ranallo, thousands of visitors coming on our site weekly and many pro MMA athletes visiting our office or having telephone sessions every singly day.

The reason behind this special gift day is threefold:

  1. We want to make the most of this great momentum and spread our work as much as possible.
  2. We have a book coming our in July (yes a proper book, longer than a 30 pager) and so we would like to have people get a taste of what we do before the book is out.
  3. Say thank you to all of you for your continuous support

Mauro Ranallo MMA ShowAlso, we will donate 10 cents for every one of you who downloads the free copy of The Warrior in You to help Mauro Ranallo of The MMA Show raise fund for Cancer Research.

So please share this page and help us spread the word, give some value to the MMA athletes you know and raise some cash for charity.

Simply complete the small form here below and you will be taken to the instant download PRONTO!

This initiative ended on 30 May 2012 at 23h00 GMT


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