Daniel Cormier the Mind Power of his

What can you learn form Daniel Cormier?

Daniel Cormer Strikeforce HW championDaniel Cormier has made it to the top of the HW division at Strikeforce. Now they say that one more win and it will be UFC territory for the wrestler and, not only will he be invited to fight for the UFC but, rumor has it that he will be straight “in the mix”. Here at MMA Mind Power, we always want to add value to our service by giving you practical, useful and simple tips which can help you improve your MMA game. So how does this article about Daniel Cormier add value? How is this helpful to you?

Simply, Daniel Cormier is one of those with great natural Mind Power, his natural ability to maintain a proactive mindset is a great asset to the Strikeforce HW champ and the wonderful thing is that we can learn from it.

Why does Cormier have Mind Power?

This could have a lot to do with many factors including his upbringing, the people with whom Daniel spends most of his time with and much more. But I am very confident in saying that one of the things that probably contributed most to his solid mindset, is the very many wrestling competitions he took part in. When I was competing in Karate, I would get up in the morning, often before 6am, travel for anything between 1 and 5 hours, hang around in the venue for 3, 4 or more hours and then fight whoever I had to fight.  Often, I would fight 3 or 4 times too. And we had to pay money to fight!

There was no build up, there was none of the hype-rituals that athletes have to go through in MMA but there were other types of inconveniences which often are much more inconvenient than the build-up.  What this did for me is to take away most of the negative effect that the build up and the hype can have on athletes. Your mind gets used to going through “inconvenience and distractive procedures” before a fight, your mind gets conditioned to fight after long trips, multiple times in one day and in conditions which might or might not be comfortable. In MMA, especially at high levels, the octagon is always the same, you only fight once and most of the times, you make it to the venue a few days before the fight.


Cormier was on 5 United States world wrestling teams and he was also a member of the 2008 Olympic wrestling team for the USA, where he was named team captain. The only reason why he did not compete, and probably won, was because of a kidney failure.  Cormier is therefore as used to fighting at high competitive levels as anybody and, in my opinion, this is the key to his Mind Power.  He is able to listen to his corner more easily, he is able to isolate his mind from the disruption that the build up and hype of the fight might have on others and he has developed a more acute competitive mindset. Like him, there are many other with natural Mind Power produced by the same reasons, Chael Sonnen, Benson Anderson and many others.

3 Practical tips for you

So what can you learn from this? How can you use this to help you improve your MMA game?

  1. Naturally, if you could take part in grappling tournaments or tournaments of your background martial art, that would be ideal. These tournaments and competition can add to your game immensely, not only in terms of mindset and Mind Power, but also they would add to your “main” skill by helping you refine it whilst isolating it form the rest of your repertoire.
  2. Another thing you can do is to attend tournaments as spectator. See how athletes behave, warm up and carry themselves before, during and after the competition. This could bring teachings of great value, sometimes we learn more by watching that we do by doing.
  3. Lastly, “model” people like Daniel Cormier, Chael Sonnen or whoever you like that has that kind of “Mind Power”, that kind of background and most importantly, is the type of athlete you respect and admire. “Modelling” is a very powerful tool and if used correctly can truly help you advance and raise the bar.

Good luck!

Luca Senatore

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