Diary – My Journey Back to the Cage Day 2

My journey back to the cage day 2

scales Okay, one day of my Back to the Cage Journey losing 30lbs along the way has gone and I am now completing day #2.  I am going  to keep these posts short so that I can give you the best possible value in the shortest possible time. I have lost 1.5lbs in one day although that is obviously not indicative and should not be taken as signal that 10 days could mean losing 15lbs. The first few lbs will come off very easily and that is just the body getting deflated. What is indicative though is the fact that something is happening; we are moving in the right direction and not only does this feel easy, but it actually feels amazing, empowering and motivating.

So, here is what I have done on my first day:

  • Set my goal right in a powerful way (click on “set my goal”  for more info about how to do this)
  • I have decided that this week I will cut the alcohol, the ice creams and the pizza
  • I have chosen a diet to follow next week (will tell you what diet I have chose later this week)
  • I have started doing light training (remember, I am doing this after 4 months of inactivity due to injury)
  • I have made myself accountable by telling all of you, my friends and family about my journey
  • I started to associate positive feelings to pushing food away by rewarding myself every time I do so. You can read more about the power of Neuro Associations here
  • I have decided on other actions to take this week (later to be released)

I hope this can help you and entertain you, we will be back tomorrow for another short update.

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