Dos Santos and Mir are not fighting

Frank Mir UFC 146It is enough to watch this short video to realise that at UFC 146 Junior dos Santos and Frank Mir will not be fighting; rather they will be competing. It is rare to find title fights where both the champion and the challenger are so cool, calm and, most importantly, free from animosity and emotionslike in this fight. . Don’t get us wrong though, both dos Santos and Mir will get in the cage in a totally different mindset, a pure fighting mindset and bags of aggression to offer one another, but, as you can see in the video below, their behavior is very different from the more tense and “personal” attitude that other MMA athletes usually exhibit.

So we will see one of the very few fights which is not fired by personal animosity or emotional drives and it will be interesting to see how this makes any difference. We still think that between Junior dos Santos and Frank Mir there is still one of them who has the Mind Power and we also made our pick for the UFC 146 main event, click HERE to read.

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