Edgar VS Henderson Mind Power

Edgar has the Mind Power for once…

UFC-150 Edgar VS HendersonFrankie Edgar is only a few days away from the fight which may get him back on the throne of the LW division and for the first time we, the coaches and MMA Mind Power, feel that Edgar has the psychological advantage – although marginal; let us explain.

For years Edgar was involved in battles where he would win and still had to prove himself. With both the BJ Pen and the Maynard ordeals, Frankie had to work extra hard before he could finally feel that he closed that chapter deceitfully. (Read the Edgar vs Henderson 1 article for more on this). This time is different though, this time Edgar comes in as the guy who lost the first time round but he believed he won. This puts the contender in a very different mindset. Having to prove yourself when you are the champion is often way more nerve-racking than being the one who lost the first time especially if you feel that the first decision wasn’t accurate or fair.

If you fully believe that the first time you won that fight and that the only thing that put a shade of grey on the score-card was an upkick which you are unlikely to get caught with again, then your motivation going into the fight can, and often is, more powerful than the motivation of having to prove that you deserve to keep what you already have which is where Benson might be mentally right now. Of course this is an opinion though so give us yours via email or comment.


The Mind Power to Edgar then on this one but is this enough to win the fight though? I still think that even though Edgar may be in a better place mentally, Benson will take this win and this time by submission.

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    • Vinnie, I agree that Edgar wants it badly; he looks determined and it will sure be a great fight either way. Thanks for the comment.

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