How I lost 30lbs with ruptured ACL, torn MCL and meniscus

Knee Injury Luca Friday May 18th – In the middle of January 2012, during training, I ruptured my ACL, badly torn my MCL and Meniscus.  It was a big shame as I was preparing for a fight which I would have had in April. At first, perhaps due to the high level of fitness, both the medical staff and I did not think that the injury was as bad as it actually was but once the MRI results came through it was clear that I would have been out for some time.

Needles to say, I kept positive and was determined to get back quickly. However, when you go from training 5-8 times per week 6 days a week to not training at all, it is unbelievably easy to lose track of time and get a thick mist between you and your goals. . My creative mind switched off, I was thinking that until I had the operation, scheduled for July, the only thing I could do was light physiotherapy.

So the combination of considerably less training, Italian-food-loving origins and sedentary job (mind coaching is done sitting :)) contributed to the wight creeping up!  Today, I am 91Kg (200lbs) and is not muscles! So, now that my mental creativity switched back on, I thought of ways to get back in shape before my operation, doing actual MMA training even with my injury (tailored to my situation of course) and make of this journey a documented inspirational blog series which hopefully can help others fight through in moments of challenge.

The Inspirational 30lbs Journey Back to the Cage Series

From Monday 21 May I will post a daily update to share this journey but also to share the type of training that I will do with this injury, the type of diet that I will follow to lose as much as 30lbs in 60 days and also the psychology techniques to help me keep focused, positive, determined and fight the pizza cravings :-)

Here is Day 1 (VIDEO) 

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2 thoughts on “How I lost 30lbs with ruptured ACL, torn MCL and meniscus

  1. All ways a great pleasure when I check my email and ur in there. Thank you for sharing your journey and all the advice

    • Really glad to hear Marcus! Thank you for following the journey… there will be more, especially toward the end of September :-)

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