Jack Mason Interview

Interview with CFC MW Champion Jack “Stone” Mason

Jack MasonA while ago we have asked MMA MW Jack “Stone” Mason if he would be happy to answer a few questions related to MMA Mind Power and how it affected his MMA game and career.  Jack Mason is a professional Mixed Martial Artist who has achieved great goals in the sport and has many more to achieve.  Here is the interview:

What do you think of the work that you have done with MMA Mind Power?

The work I have done with MMA Mind Power has been unbelievable and I really wish that I had started working with them much earlier in my MMA career. I’ve always trained hard but I really believe that training my mind has been one of the things that has been missing from my training programme, I feel better than ever and feel in a great place in terms of how I approach a fight mentally now.

How much do you think it helped to work with MMA Mind Power?

Working with MMA Mind Power has really helped me clear my mind of the negative thoughts that can enter your mind and hinder your performance leading up to and during a fight and focus solely on the things I need to do to go out and put in a great performance and take home the win. The work I have done with MMA Mind Power has been invaluable and I truly believe that training my mind as well as my body will make me a much better fighter and help me to achieve all of my goals in the sport of MMA and in life in general.

What did it help with specifically?

MMA Mind Power has specifically helped me with my self-belief, my ability to handle nerves and anxiety in the lead up to a fight and has taught me the importance of mental rehearsal before a fight. Every time I walk into the cage now I know that I am ready both mentally and physically because I have done all of the preparation required and have seen the outcome of the fight already in my mind.

Would you recommended it to other athletes?

I would definitely recommend MMA Mind Power to any athlete looking to achieve their full potential in the sport of MMA. Whether you are an MMA athlete that is new to the sport or a long time fight veteran you should be training your mind as well as your body, why would you not want to do everything possible to get that win and achieve your full potential?

What do you think MMA Mind Power has more than other coaches in terms of mind coaching?

I think because MMA Mind Power has been developed not only by experts in the field of sports psychology and neuroscience but also experienced combat sports athletes they really know how a fighter’s mind works and exactly what is required to get the best from a fighter’s mind in order to get them to go out win fights and achieve their full potential. In my opinion MMA Mind Power is the leading authority in sports psychology for combat sports athletes because it has been developed by fighters for fighters.

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