Jon “Bones” Jones VS Lyoto Machida – The Mind Power of Jones

Considering that Jon “Bones” Jones has been training in Martial Arts only a few years, his high level of skills and performance in the octagon can only be described as freakishly extraordinary. It must be said however that one of the most important characteristics which make Jones so hard to beat, is his very awkward body shape. domain list . Without taking anything away from the LHW athlete, his body stats show that his outstanding success is not only product of hard work and skills but also of the fact that his reach of 84.5” is the longest recorded in any UFC fighter. On average, Jones has a 7-10” advantage over his opponent and this, together with his 6.4 height and probably longest legs in the sport, make this young MMA athlete a tough opponent for anyone.

But let’s look at the Mind Power elements which in my opinion add to Jon Jones’ toolbox.

He knows
Firstly, Jones is one of the athletes who better understands the importance of mental balance, meditation and positive mental attitude. Jon Jones knows how to work with his mind and this is a bid plus.

He is tall
The fact that he is normally the taller of the two athletes in the octagon adds to his mental focus and calmness; any element of fear or anxiety to be overpowered physical is neutralised before it can even be manifested. If you think about it, the saying “looking down on people” suggests that the taller person has an advantage of some kind. This may or may not be completely true but the important fact is not whether that’s true or not, the important fact is how this affects the athletes in the cage. Whilst Jones’ opponent may not be fazed by this, Jones surely has a psychological advantage by knowing that he won’t be looked down on.

He is young
His age plays an important role in his positive mental attitude and his Mind Power. Knowing that he has many years ahead is a comfortable assets which allows Jones to remain humble and try out new things because even if things to play out his way now, he can come back many times over. Jones is not rushing, he doesn’t need to and this is a great advantage.

He has already proven himself
He also has nothing to lose. Despite his very young age, Jones has achieved goals in MMA which veterans who have been in the sports for year and years have not even had the chance to taste. Jones is the only one, with Chuck Liddel, who has defended the title in the LHW division more than once. Jones is the youngest LHW champ ever. Everybody, including successful veterans like Machida, Quinton Jackson, Anderson Silva as well as anybody who is anybody in the industry, has already accepted Jones as one of the most amazing prodigies that MMA has ever seen. All of these facts make Jones sleep with a smile on his face. One can argue that because of his great success the pressure is on Jones even more but in fact it is the exact opposite. Jones is smart and highly intelligent and he knows that if a loss was to come, he has already proven that he deserves all the merits he has received so far. He knows that he has the time to come back and win again, he knows that he will remain the physically advantaged guy and he knows that if he wanted, he could retire now and still make it in the “Names to remember” book of the UFC. Jones has nothing to lose and, whilst for some this is not a good mind state, for Jones it is because is winning with it; if needed, he can always relay on the desperate need to win as back up weapon one day.

This above is the Mind Power that won over Machida and all the other opponents Jones has faced. This is Jones extra weapon to accompany the skills, the physical attributes and the hard work.

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