Jon Jones has already lost

He has very little to win and lots to lose

I will keep this short… Jon Jones has already lost at UFC 152 when he declined the fight with Sonnen. Why?

Little to gain – much to lose

UFC 152

If he took the fight with Sonnen he would have avoided the criticisms which contributed to the negative aura that he created around himself and he would have fought a much less dangerous, smaller and less prepared opponent with a more compatible set of skills.

Now he has to fight a more dangerous man who’s skills are those which may give the champ problems (especially the hard and fast punches), who had more time to prepare (with people who know Jones) and with that much bigger negative energy around him. Vitor Belfort represents way more dangers that he does opportunities for the defending champion. And the other part of the problem is that even though Vitor is indeed a threat to Jones and is coming out of two straight wins, he hasn’t certainly been a LHW top contender in the recent months; he hasn’t fought any top LHW recently and has lost during his attempt to win the MW title against Anderson Silva at UFC 126 in February last year.So even if Jones wins, at least on paper all he achieved is that he won against a “non-contender” (rally a MW) who is stepping up at shortish notice. Hardly an accomplishment.

If he loses on the other hand, which in my personal opinion is more than possible, all the glory will go to Vitor and the not negative aura that Jones has created around himself with the DUI issue and the more recent UFC 151 ordeal will only escalate and simply destroy the “prodigy and people’s champ” image very rapidly.

So, if he wins, he has only beat a smaller guy stepping up and if he loses he lost to the smaller guy stepping up. Hummm… interesting.

The Mind Power factor

Well, although Jones is known for his ability to be mentally prepared before each fight, considering all that happened in the last few weeks to Jones and the passion and hunger which Belfort seems to show, the Mind Power at UFC 153 goes to Vitor Belfort.


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