Junior dos Santos VS Frank Mir

Ant the Mind Power goes to…


Saturday May 26th the UFC will be providing one of the most amazing cards ever at UFC 146. Not only will we be blessed with the potentially explosive dos Santos vs Mir fight which promises to be one of the greatest HW bouts ever, but the UFC went all out with a stacked card all the way from the very bottom of it. The long awaited return of Hardy, the make-or-break fight for Jason “Mayhem” Miller and the probably spectacular performance from Barboza would already be enough to make up a great event.

On top of that we get Nelson with his continuous journey to his slimmer and more established self, Velasquez and Silva both with loads to prove to themselves and then the epic main event.

So let’s look at the main event and who of the two HWs has the Mind Power.

Junior dos Santos

Junior is one of those fighters which is immensely humble, dedicated and keeps his feet anchored down to the ground; he does not get involved in hype-wars and he does not get lost in fame-clouds.  This is certainly one very positive aspect of his personality and will play in the Champ’s favour on Saturday night.

The one not so positive thing is the fact  that JDS’ only loss came from arm-bar which, combined with the fact that Mir defeated dos Santos’ hero and trainer Nogueira via devastating Kimura which ended up breaking the Brazilian’s arm. This may represent a negative association for the Champ and may require extra work on his confidence.

Frank Mir

Frank MirThe only very positive aspect of Mir’s personality, is his seemingly apathetic attitude in most competitive situations. This is most probably the result of his long career in wrestling where athletes often have to travel long distances, wait long period of times in venues and then fight whoever they got give to fight, often several fights in one day. This type of experience tend to condition athletes’ mind for the better and allows them to remain more apathetic to other aspects. And Mir sure has long experience, in one year (1998) he went 44-1 in his wrestling career and won the state championship.

The other element to his favour is the win over Nogueira which is certainly a confidence booster for the challenger.  Beating your opponent master at his own game gives you that feeling that boosts your confidence of a few big notches.


In terms of Mind Power, we give this one to Mir when it comes to confidence and being calm going into the fight. Mir will feel, in our opinion, more confident and more positive about the outcome of the fight. However, we believe that as the fight unfolds, Junior dos Santos will gain more and more confidence if he can keep the fight standing and this can potentially frustrate Mir.

If Mir can cut the distance early, this might not be an issue, but if the UFC HW Champ can keep mir away at mid range for more than 2 rounds, we feel that the balance will tip and Cigano will still all the Mind Power and get the W.

Our fight pick

Junior dos Santos

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