Luke Barnatt defeats Ben Callum – UCMMA 26

Barnatt’s Mind Power

In his UCMMA – Cage Rage – debut, Luke “Big Slow” Barnatt dominates all three rounds against the  heavy handed middle weight Ben Callum and gets a unanimous decision victory. The fight was a “near-miss fight of the night” and featured Barnatt’s long punches, flying knees and top level BJJ which not only neutralised Callum’s power but overwhelmed him and very nearly submitted him on more than one occasion.

Although only 23 years old, Barnatt showed maturity and patience throughout the fight and the skills that he showcased are proof of the fact that he has great work ethics and a strong team to support him and guide him. Alongside Barnatt’s great camp, hard work, natural talent and his long and athletic body, I believe that Luke also had a psychological advantage which aid his victory on February 4th; I believe that Luke had a Mind Power edge.

This Mind Power does not come from work with MMA Mind Power or with any other mind coach; Barnatt’s mind power came from a very different source and, in addition to the great coaches from Tsunami gym, this can be broken down in two main repeated behaviours:

Behaviour #1

Luke has left comfortable circumstances, sold his business and gave up on a reliable financial income to become a full time Mixed Martial Artist. Since that moment his awaken and sometimes asleep time was spent in vast majority in the gym training with some of the best athletes in the country.

Mind Power outcome from behaviour #1

Going through compromises and sacrifices that go beyond hard training and nutrition, can give athletes even stronger motivation to do well.

Behaviour #2

Luke has accompanied his team mates to many bouts before his first professional fight and, more often than not, he was part of the corner team.

Mind Power outcome from behaviour #2

Here the outcomes are two: The first one is that Luke has built more apathy for the whole “show atmosphere”. The music, the crowd, the lights, the entrance and all the rest which can sometime be an issue for athletes; the more you do these things and the less of an issue they become. Luke has walked those entrances, heard the music and got blinded by the lights more times than many veterans have, let alone new comers.

The second outcome is that he was able to see his team mates during the more intense moments; in the dressing room warming up (Luke would often help his mates warm up), walking out with the music and the crowd and everything that happens before the fight which can be of distraction and cause nervousness for many . Going through all of this time and time again with your team, makes you become more accustomed and thus less affected by the whole thing. Being part of the corner team so many times, allowed Luke to understand the dynamics and importance of the relationship between the athlete and the corner. Peta satelit dunia In the cage, Luke was able to use that relationship to his advantage.


When we asked Luke Barnatt to tell us what he thinks about the role that the mind plays in MMA he said: When the body is weak… the mind is strong

I have walked into the dressing room 15 minutes before Barnatt was due to be on just to say good luck. When I walked in the room, Luke was going through drills with his team mate Jack Mason and then he stopped and asked what the time was. When he was given the answer he said “okay, 15 more minutes, let’s go” and carried on with the drills. The very fact that he was aware of the time and thought of checking it, is a clear sign that Luke was not engrossed too deeply in thinking. This in turn means that he was calm and lucid, he was in control. The second, more indicative sign was his tone of voice. After years of working with people with phobias, depression, anxiety, performance issues and more, I have learnt to observe and listen carefully to how people communicate. Luke’s tone of voice carried adrenaline, firmness, determination but no sign of debilitating nerves, no sign of fear, no sign of anything other than a crisp “let’s go to work” state of mind.

When the only thing that you have in mind is “let’s go to work”, you will do just that, go to work and Luke Barnatt has done an amazing work at UCMMA 26.

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