Nurses like MMA

Knee Injury LucaKeeping you up to date with my Journey Back to The Cage series, I have a great news to deliver. Today I have received a call from the hospital and the lady nurse on the other end told me that my pre-op assessment originally booked for July 12 had to be cancelled and she did not have new dates available. The lady on the telephone quickly understood how important this was for me and so she started looking into the various lists of scheduled operations that she had in front of her. After a few minutes of juggling, she said that unfortunately there was nothing open in the next 30 days and so she would not have been able to give me a date.

SurgeryI kindly went on to explain that I was very keen to get this done so that I could go back doing the sport that I love so much. I explained that the injury occurred whilst training for a bout and, since at my age I only have a few years left to compete, I would be happy to go in at short notice should anyone cancel. At that point the kind and very customer-focused nurse/secretary asked me to wait whilst she checked on something. 4-5 minutes later she said: “humm, how is the 12th June?”. . Happy about having been given the assessment appointment one month earlier than originally scheduled, I enthusiastically said: “wow! that’s great thanks! And when can I aspect to have the operation then?” to which the kind super nurse answered: “no sorry, I meant how is the 12th June for your operation? I can have you here tomorrow morning for the assessment and then Dr Candugia could operate on the 12th June”. Needless to say I was very happy, ecstatic in fact.

As fixated on the psychology behind everything as I am, I could not help but wonder what made the customer-service queen go that extra mile to accommodate me.  She never met me, she did not even know of me before the call! So could it have been the fact that she perceived my passion for MMA? Could it have been the fact that statistically those who kindly insist are less likely to cancel and waste valuable doctors’ time and hospital resources? Could it be that she was so busy that only after perceiving my willingness to proceed was she able to find a suitable “manoeuvre”? Maybe! These are the more rational and obvious answers but I have my own theory…

… nurses like MMA! :-)

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