Luca Senatore – Profile

Luca has been involved in martial arts since the age of 10, first amateur and then professional and has also been mind-coaching athletes of various disciplines.  He first started with Shotokan Karate and then, after grading as Black Belt, he became involved in American Kickboxing, Thai Boxing and in 2010 in MMA.  Luca’s knowledge of the body and mind connection enables him to work with top level elite MMA athletes including some UFC signed ones.

Right now Luca is mainly training in MMA, BJJ and Kickboxing, he corners and mind coaches athletes of various level including title holders and UFC signed athletes.  “For me Martial Arts is very much a way of thinking and a code of life; I owe much of my success to the teachings of my past and present masters” LS.  Luca is also the creator of The Warrior You, a mind coaching audio program which includes hypnosis, NLP, sports psychology to help athletes perform at their very best.

Luca works in mind coaching and trains with several athletes including Robbie “The Flame” Olivier former Cage Rage “Light Weight Champ, Jack “The Stone” Mason – CFC Middle Weight Champ, Luke Barnatt, Pierre Guillet, Tommy “2Gunz” Maguire and UFC fighter John “The One” Maguire – UFC signed and Cage Rage Uk & OMMAC Welterweight Champion.

“I work with the best MMA athletes to ensure that their mind is as trained as their body is and this can often make the difference between winning or losing. The psychological state of athletes is in fact what makes the difference between those who are in control of the fight and those who let the fight take place and control them.” LS.

His qualifications include Neuro Linguistic Programming Mind Coaching, Hypnosis, EFT, body language and other forms of psychology.  Luca works mainly with combat sports athletes but during the years, he helped a large number of people overcome depression, phobias, confidence issues, relationship problems and more.

Using a combination of all Luca’s expertise and the power of Neuro Associations, MMA Mind Power can give you that psychological edge over your opponent.  Imagine having an extra weapon in your bag, an extra inch to the punch that landed short, an extra pound on that punch that did not finish the fight.  Imagine having that extra gas tank that keeps you going when your opponent is empty, having that edge that helps you raise your mind game.  This, and much more is what having a trained mind coach can and will do for you.

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