Luca Senatore’s Fights Sponsors & Friends

On this page I honored to list the organizations and individuals who kindly support me in my Martial Arts career however small this is. Having competed in Kickboxing many years ago, I am now approaching me MMA debut and I am truly grateful for the support and trust that the people listed here put on me! So, thank you!!!

Tsunami Gym

Tsunami GymTsunami fight team and the Tsunami gym, Rob Olivier, Nigel Burgess, Luke Barnatt, Jack Mason, John and Tommy Maguire, Adam Robins, Lee Doski, Andre¬†Goncalves, Warren Kee and all the others who welcomed a kickboxer who was clumsy on the ground and with no wrestling experience and helped me progress even after my injury. I am truly grateful to you all and appreciative of the opportunity. Visit Tsunami’s Website HERE.¬†

Heavy Duty Fight Gear

Thank you to Heavy Duty Fight Gear for the support and trust. I have approached them and they were totally supportive and helpful form the very beginning… I could tell right away that they are motivated by their passion for the sport first and business comes after! Thank you guys!!! Visit Heavy Duty Fight Gear Website HERE.

Heavy Duty Fight Gear Logo

CARISMA Kickboxing Club

CARISMA Kickboxing Cambridge Massimo Gaetani and all the guys at Carisma who help me perfection and improve my kickboxing. They accommodated me and helped me a great deal after my ACL surgery by allowing me to train with them doing what I could. Carisma is one of the very few clubs where techniques and perfection is always high in the priority list! A fantastic club for those wanting to learn kickboxing or simply keep and improve their existing skills. Visit CARISMA’s website HERE.

Martin Smith – Sports Physical Therapy

Martin helped with greatly with the rehab of my knee following my ACL reconstruction and also MCL and meniscus tear. I was able to go back training some 3 months earlier than anticipated!!! Thank you Martin and if you need physical therapy… Martin is THE man! Visit Martin’s website HERE.