Silva bullied Sonnen

SIlva Sonnen StaredownDuring the UFC 148 press conference Chael Sonnen pulled out verbal tricks from his sleeve which, for the most part, we have seen before. Whilst there definitely was some new shapes to Sonnen’s vocal acrobatic moves, the majority was based on the old tone of Silva being a fake Brazilian, who fakes to not speak English, with a fake UFC belt.

At the other end of the table, there was Anderson Silva who, on the contrary to the “American Gangsta”, displayed a rather different attitude and behavior than his usual. Whilst Anderson appeared still seemingly calm and professional, it doesn’t take a mind reader to notice that he was fired up and very eager to get closure on his opponent. Although some of his answers displayed a more aggressive Silva than we might have seen before, the real difference came at staredown picture-time when The Spider first attempted to quite literally walk over the challenger and then forced the officials, including White, to restrain him physically.

It is apparent to us that Sonnen did indeed awaken a giant monster in the champ; Silva’s energy seemed overwhelming at the press conference and to many Sonnen looked intimidated and very keen to get out of the room. So it looks like Silva bullied Sonnen during that staredown. However, the important question now is: will SIlva do the same at weigh-ins and, more importantly, will he do the same in the octagon at UFC 148 on July 7th?

Video courtesy of MMA Weekly

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