Silva VS Weidman – Your thoughts

What a week of fights we just had eh?! First Condit VS Kampmann… terrific fight and then Saturday @ 164 some truly amazing MMA! How can you not LOVE this sport? What do you make of the LW title changeover form Henderson to Petis? How about Mir’s stoppage? Early or not?

Then let’s move on to the topic that personally interests me most as we approach the winter months (if you are on this part of the earth…). Silva VS Weidman 1 and 2; what happened back in July?

Was he playing “tired”?

It is no secret that I am a big Silva fan and maybe, just maybe my vision is distorted by this. However, many (very many) other people, from UFCers to Fight Analysts seem to share my vision that Silva was fighting that fight with the same attitude that you or I may play a video game after hours of playing, performing stunts and taking risks that we would not normally take just because if we get caught, it doesn’t really matter, we are tired anyways and can do with stopping.

This is how Silva appeared to me; not purposely losing but taking those risks which he wouldn’t have taken if he really wanted to win.


The big question is of course why! Why did the (now very weirdly former) best p4p take these risks and put the belt on the line? Was he tired of carrying the pressure of being the champion? Then why did he take the rematch? Was he being too cocky? I think that the only ones who know the truth as to why Silva did what he did are Silva and his family/friends (maybe) and we will never know.

What we do know is that December 28th Silva will step back in the cage to face Weidman again and the odds seem to be in favour of the former champ more so than they were back in July for their first fight.

Your thoughts

But what I am interested to hear from you is:

  • What do you think about the first fight? I think that Silva could have demolished Weidman but I might be wrong; what do you think?
  • If Silva has lost because he was “playing daredevilishly”, why do you think he did it?
  • Finally, do you think the belt will return to Brazil?

Do get in touch, comment and let me know your thoughts!

Kawabanga! :)


6 thoughts on “Silva VS Weidman – Your thoughts

  1. Silva didn’t do anything different with Weidman than with any other opponent. I think the difference was that Weidman was prepared for Silva’s mind games. He even said this in one of his interviews, but he said he was still affected by Silva’s mind games.

    Everybody accuses Silva of being too cocky, but nobody seemed to say that when he was winning matches the same way. Having his hands down is what he does to lure people in. He’s able to avoid punches because he had a longer reach than many of his opponents.

    If you look at the tale of the tape, Weidman had a longer reach than Silva. Those few extra inches made all of the difference when Silva was moving his head back.

  2. Everybody must lose once in a while. I think that Silva has acted the fool on several occasions but was always good enough to pull it off at the end. On the upcoming fight if he gets hit like he did he will lose again. If not he will win . I don’t believe anyone has more talent than Mr. Silva, so it’s a shot in the dark. These youngsters are getting better ( as in every sport ) every day so it’s no surprise that some “unbeatable” star gets beaten.
    As for Henderson Petis both equal talents , someone must win and someone must lose
    Mir has a head bigger than his ability no surprise on this one.

    • Hi Vincent, cheers for this.
      Totally agree with you on all. Would really like to see more rounds between Petis and Henderson… Mir is big headed but Barnett’s isn’t much smaller either.

  3. Personally I’m a fan of both but really like weidmen and would love to see a changing of the guard. However this won’t happen until he beats Anderson again! If he beats Anderson.
    I think we need to give weidmen credit, alot of people have clipped Anderson on the chin and he’s brushed it off, so weidmen must have some power in his punches! I also believe if weidmen wrestles like sonnen did he would have better chances. But it all depends on whether Anderson comes out with his head in the game and dispatches weidmen quickly or if he messes about again! Either way it’s the biggest rematch ever!!
    Personally I want weidmen to win but will have to see!

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