Chael Sonnen vs Silva Pre-Fight Press Conference

Chael Sonnen talks and Anderson Silva looks bothered

Anderson Silva VS Chael Sonnen UFC 148In yet another entertaining set of answers at the UFC 148 pre-fight press conference, the MW title contender (or title holder if you are on the same “frequency” as the American wrestler) Chael Sonnen has gone one or two extra steps this time. Not only was he “play-insulting” the Brazilians in their home, but Sonnen also seemed to be putting more effort than usual in coming up with the entertaining, half-offensive and hype-building answers, and it might have worked.  To us, it seemed as if this time Sonnen has been able to push the “right” buttons as Silva seemed more annoyed than we have haver seen him before.  It will be very interesting to see if Chale Sonnen can back his talk up one more time at UFC 148 or if Anderson Silva has been able to find the “anti-Sonnen” antidote.

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