The Pink Belt in GJJ

John “The One” Maguire pockets another Win thanks to his pink belt in Gipsy Jiu Jitsu

MMA Mind Power at UFCIt was at UFC on Fuel 2 in Sweden that the British MMA athlete John, “The One” Maguire impressed the MMA scene with an amazing performance against Demarques Johnson.

The first round saw the Brit dominating the fight with takedowns and overall control, finishing the round on Johnson’s back looking for a choke.

Apart from a few inside leg-kicks from Johnson which seemed to bother Maguire, the second round was much of the same with “The One” securing takedowns and overall control.  It was after an impressive scramble that Johnson ended up attempting a Kimura.  Patiently waiting for Demarques to make a mistake, Maguire sat there and when the opportunity came, with lighting speed he went straight for an armbar which ended the bout in impressive fashion.

The crafty move got Maguire the sub of the night bonus ($50K), a good chunk of Dana White’s attention and perhaps sent a settle warning to the WE division contenders.

This takes the Brit to a 2-0 record in the UFC and, although the road ahead isn’t short or easy, “The One” has clearly started with the right foot and is traveling with style.

What does this mean mentally?  Is this a source of extra confidence?  Or is it a source of pressure?  It is safe to say that John is getting used to winning and impressing people and that must give him the confidence; but it is also true that as Maguire advances, the challenges will also become bigger and this should, in our opinion, keep the smart athlete focused and with the great work ethics that John is known for.  His brother and skilled MMA athlete, Tommy “2 Gunz” Maguire is not only his training partner but also source of motivation and determination and we are confident that he, together with the Tsunami Team at Pro-Am Fight Centre, will help John “The One” Maguire perform at his very best.

In a Tweet, John said “For keeping me focused & help getting me the win in the UFC download the program @mmamindpower, thanks for the support guys! #GypsyJiuJitsu”

And we are honored to be part of the amazing journey of the world’s first GJJ  Pink Belt.

Good luck,
Luca Senatore

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