UFC 145 Jones Mind Power vs Evans Fury

Who has more Mind Power?  Who will dominate psychologically?  Read on…

This is it, the pay per view puller, the event that will attract thousands of people to the arena and make even more stuck to their TV screens is only a few hours away and everybody speaks about one thing only: Jon Jones vs Rashad Ens!

“Jones will dominate” say some, “Rashad will beat Jones” say others… but who’s right?  Will Jonny Bones Jones keep the “King’s belt” or will Evans claim the title back and end the Jones’ era?  The truth is that no one really knows and whoever put money on either athler will be sweating until the fight is over.

In this piece we will briefly analyse the psychological advantage that one of the two LHW might have on the other; is Jones’ calm and composed attitude a real reflection of how he feels inside?  Is Evans’ anger and frustration toward the champ going to provide the challenger with more tools to get the W?  And also, what’s it going to be after the fight?  Are we going to see the two hag and “make peace”?  Here is what we think:

Jon Jones

He is really mentally cool, he is not faking it. Jones surely feels the pressure of the fight and the high expectations that everyone, including himself, has are definitely in the champion’s mind.  However, the young athlete has a very calm aura about himself; some, including Evans, called it cockiness, arrogance and some even called it a mask.  But in our opinion that is simply Jones’ “inner piece” coming out.

Also, as we have already said in a previous article, despite his very young age, Jones has already achieved goals in MMA that veterans who have been in the sports for many years have not even gotten close to.  Jones, apart from with Chuck Liddell, is the only one who has defended the title in the LHW division more than once.  Jon Jones is the youngest LHW champ ever;  everybody, including successful veterans like Machida, Quinton Jackson, Anderson Silva, has already accepted him as one of the most amazing prodigies that MMA has ever seen.  All of these facts make Jones sleep with a smile on his face.  One can argue that because of his great success the pressure is on Jones even more but in fact it is the exact opposite.  Jones is smart and highly intelligent and he knows that if a loss was to come, he has already proven that he deserves all the merits he has received so far.  He knows that he has the time to come back and win again, he knows that he will remain the physically advantaged athlete and he knows that if he wanted, he could retire now and still make it in the “hall of fame”.  Jones has nothing to lose and, whilst for some this is not a good mind state, for Jones it most definitely is.

Rashad Evans

Rashad has had a bumpy ride since the Machida’s loss which took his belt.  The “Jackson Situation”and changing camp have had an impact on his “champion-to-return-status” and, although not detrimental, this must have played a role in Evans’ Mind Power.  Of the two, Evans is most definitely the one that, at least up until now, has taken the whole “Jones-Jackson-Evans situation” more personally and more emotionally than Jones did.  The champion has felt it too, but nowhere near as much as Rashad did; Reshad is definitely the angrier of the two.  Evans is also known for being the one that reads a lot into things, small things that happens seem to get a larger bit of Evans’ attentions that they may get of Jones’.

The question is: is Evans going to use his anger, his frustration and emotional ride to overpower Jones’ calmness and more relaxed state?  Is Evans going to use his emotions to crash the champion’s party and stop his legacy?

Who has the mind power on this fight?

This is a great match for many reasons; yes, the drama and the emotions are some of those reasons but, before that, at the base, there is the undeniable truth that this is an amazing match-up because of these two athletes’ skills and backgrounds.  They are two of the best LHW Mixed Martial Artists ever existed and despite of what we say, despite of what others say and even of who will get the W, this has all the potential to be an exceptional fight.

Anyone could win and we know that, knowing that the mental aspect of the game is very important, even a 5% difference in Mind Power could define the difference between the W and the L!  We give that 5% advantage to Jon Jones and the reason is very simple:


Jon Jones is one of the few athletes who better understand the importance of mental balance, meditation and positive mental attitude.  Jon Jones knows how to work with his mind and this is a bid plus.  Also, Jones (and the whole team Jackson), know how to use the media and pull the right strings to push people’s buttons when necessary.

We feel that if indeed there was any kind of control over and orchestration of the drama between the two athletes, and if this could be looked at like a TV series/soap, the team Jones-Jackson would most definitely be the one in charge and, in our opinion, Rashad would be left to be the audience who impatiently and anxiously waits for the next episode, building up more and more emotions which he may or may not be totally in control of.

Our Mind Power pick:

Jones (we like you Rashad:-)).

… and no, we do not think that they will hug!

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