UFC 162 is the hype manufactured?

UFC 162 Anderson SIlva vs Chris WeidmanThree days away from one of the most anticipated MMA bouts of all time (but then again, every single time Anderson “The Spider” Silva fights is “The most anticipated fight of all time”) will take place and I don’t know about you but I really cannot wait! Time doesn’t move fast enough this week!

We all know that Weidman is a great candidate, a bad match-up and potentially can win this fight (or not)! The interesting thing is that all the people who seem to be “over-supporting” the 2 time All American are either training partners, friends or UFC PPV salesmen. Maybe I have been looking on the wrong sites and read the wrong articles but let’s see… the most committed remarks have been made by:

  • Matt Serra – Coach
  • Geroge St Pierre – Training partner
  • Frankie Edgar – Training Partner
  • Chael Sonnen – “Undercover” UFC PPV Salesman
So it’s only natural to think that the most of the hype is manufactured.
However, Weidmanis a very legit contender and indeed a bad match up for Silva and, with MMA being… MMA, he might as well pull it off. Deep in my heart I don’t see it happen though, deep inside I see “The Spider” winning and making it look easy at that!
But what’s your opinion?
Here is the Countdown Show in case you have missed it

2 thoughts on “UFC 162 is the hype manufactured?

  1. Silva got burned for the first time playing with fire. Kudos to Weidman. Rematch should be great though in December. that card is stacked with Rousey/Tate 2 going down that same night.

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