UFC on FOX Post Fight Analysis

Last Saturday night’s UFC on FOX card turned out to be one of the best ever in terms of performance and entertainment. Whilst all athletes performed and there is certainly nothing bad to say about any of them, we – the coaches at MMA Mind Power – came up with a psychological post fight analysis and prediction of the psychological consequences/effects that the end results of the fights might have on the athletes.

DaMarques Johnson

The submission suffered against the new-comer Maguire followed by the KO loss to the comer-back Mike Swick must be playing against the young WW usual confidence and light-heartedness. Whilst it is understandable for DaMarques to feel down, his performance during his last fight, as well as the fight before, were both good until the end of the fight and although easier said than done, Johnson must remember this and simply focus on getting better. The danger here is that DaMarques may begin to feel a little pressure and lose his light-hearted approach and confidence which we feel are great tools in his arsenal.

Mike Swick

Hero – Inspiration – Guess who’s back! We all can’t wait to see him back in there and so cant he.

Joe Lauzon

More of the same… Lauzon has been on the same path for a while now; the path of the underdog, the guy fed to the sharks who then comes back with the shark in his mouth. This win will solidify Joe’s self-believe and intensify his desire to succeed. We feel that whilst Lauzon always knew that he was worthy and capable, this win must fuel his confidence and put him right in the top contenders mix, both in fact and in his mind.

Jamie Varner

Reality check… An impressive athlete who’s pattern and momentum has now been interrupted. It’s hard to tell how Varner will react but it seems like the winner of that fight was meant to break up into the next level, the level of the top contenders and by definition, the loser would remain under the surface at least for a while. The psychological effects could be hard to overcome but a good camp, team mates and definitely keeping active and fight relatively soon should help.

Ryan Bader

Coming out of a big win Bader felt good and confident against the Dragon. Whilst this loss will definitely set the LHW back a few steps, we feel that Ryan will be back soon with an even more determined, mature and stronger desire to get his shot at the belt.

Lyoto Machida

The Dragon is back. Lyoto is one of these guys who is almost mystical in his approach. His recent move to the states where he extended his training and imputed a dose of different, perhaps more Western, elements into his camp, seems to be paying back. The loss with Jones showed Machida what he needed, the win to Bader showed him that what he needed (which he went out and got) is working.

Brandon Vera

Is definitely back… He lost but he is back. His confidence increased after the fight with Shogan Rua and this is because Vera went into that fight having to prove himself and came out having done just that. Whilst still important, the result comes second in this case, the most important thing for Vera was to prove himself worthy of being a top contender and he did that fully.

Shogun Rua

He is not sure… In our opinion, Shogun Rua does not believe to be ready for either Jones or Anderson. His body language suggested that right after the fight with Vera was over, his statements suggested that in the post-fight press conference and many wonder whether the beating from Jones and the hard fight with Anderson has soften the Brazilian a little. Does Rua need a little time to regain his confidence? We think so.


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