VIDEO My Journey Back to the Cage day 4

Luca Senatore and Warren Kee MMA training4 days have gone by since I started “My Journey Back to the Cage“, losing 30lbs and getting back fit before my ACL reconstruction in July. Please be reminded that this is not a series to show you how great I am or get publicity, this is a series which is meant to help those in similar situations as mine, inspire all athletes in moments of challenge but also help you follow through and learn about what your mind can do. What better opportunity to do this than now with 4.5 months of inactivity due to sever ACL rupture and MCL and meniscus tear. almost 30lbs to lose in weight and an operation coming up in 2 months? During this journey I will share all the challenges that I go through and, most importantly, how I overcome them using practical sports psychology, mind coaching and self hypnosis techniques.

So here is a video of my first day back at the gym after 4.5 months, technique, speed, power and stamina truly abandon me and that is good because in the days to cam, I will share with you the work, physical and mental, that I will do to get it all back! Special thanks to Warren Kee @warrenkee (MMA pro fighter with 7-1-1) who will  help me get strong again… Enjoy!

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