Why MMA? What’s Your Goal?

The one single practical tip to improve your MMA focus and determination

The first thing to do is you want to get the right mindset and win the mind game is to have clear in mind what it is that you want. Many have overlooked this and paid dear consequences for doing so!

Not knowing what you want specifically is like playing a video game which you have completed times and times before, is like racing with no prizes or rivals.

Once we have set your goals right, you will have a burning desire to achieve them, your determination to win, training, cutting and perform during the fight will increase immeasurably.

So how do you set a goal that gives you this empowering and amazing determination?

First take a piece of paper and write down your goal. What do you want out of MMA? Is it just this fight? Do you perhaps work better with long term goals like “I want to become champion of PROMOTION ABC”? Or do you work best with short term goals like “I want to win the fight I have on May 15th”. It is important that you decide whether you are more comfortable with long or short term goals. Now that you wrote down your goal we need to make it right. Here is how:

Stated in the positive

A well-formed goal must be stated in the positive. This means moving toward something, not away from something, have something you want as opposed to not having something you don’t want. So an example could be “I am the middleweight champion of ABCD promotion” or “I won the fight after 3 minutes of the 2nd round by g&p” or “I am about to enter the cage and I feel calm and focused”. These are all stated in the positive instead of saying something like “I am about to enter the cage and I am not feeling stressed”. Even if you are stating that you are not feeling stressed, you will be feeling stressed because your mind does not process negative information. If you try hard not to think of a pink house, you must think about it first in order to choose to no longer think about it.


You need to know exactly when you will have achieved your goal or else it will become impossible to remain motivated. For example, if you state that you want to be a good fighter, when will you know that you are a good fighter? Mauricio Rua looked amazing when he fought Machida but he looked like an amateur against Jon Jones and then again looked incredible against Hendo. So was Rua good then not so good and then good again? Not at all, Rua was good all the time. Whether you are good or not is not necessarily determined by your performance as performances vary.


This is an important point; the goal must be realistic and yet ambitious. For example if you stated that you want to be the UFC champion by next summer and you have not yet had a single fight in MMA, then you might need to change your goal as chances are that you will be disappointed. At the same time, you must be aiming high. Just use your common sense and ask your coaches to give you realistic feedbacks as to where you are.


You need to put an exact date on it as this makes it all more clear and tangible. Have you ever heard people saying things like: “I will do it next month”, “I will do it later”, “I will get it soon”. Every month there is a ‘next month’, there is always a ‘later’ and ‘soon’ is never soon enough. “It is the 20th April 2013 and I have just won the MW title at “PROMOTION ABC”.

What will happen if you achieve your goal?

What will change in your life, your circle of friends and family? Be specific as this process will help you realise whether you are happy with the changes that will occur and whether you really want those changes to happen.

What will happen if you don’t achieve it?

In the rock star example above the answer could be that you will have gained an experience in trying to achieve it, you will have the knowledge of what is involved to become a famous rock star, you may have to find another job, you will have learned something new etc..

Put your goal into your future!

Track 2 (Goal Setting) of the powerful The Warrior in You audio psychology and hypnosis program, will guide you through this process. But if you don’t have that program yet, here is what you need to do. Then you should really get the program on the Products page of this website.

  1. Think of your goal as if it was a movie
  2. Make it a still picture and hold it in your hands
  3. Imagine that you have a time line, a road going out from your chest and into your future
  4. Then imagine that you float all the way up in the air above “now” almost as if you are leaving your body and float above it
  5. Now imagine that you travel forward into your future until you reach the point in your time line which represents the date on which you set your mind on to achieving your goal
  6. Energise the picture in your hands with blows
  7. Let go of the picture so that it falls into the time line and becomes part of your time line#
  8. Float back to “now” Open your eyes
  9. This is just the outline to ensure that the process is clear. The audio will guide you through the process and you will find it easy!

The Goal Vision

Draw your Goal Vision. This could be a picture, a collage of pictures or even just a word printed on a piece of paper that reminds you strongly of your goal. It is important that you create something that when you look at it makes you want to achieve your goal even more, something that to you is the representation of your goal and how bad you want it. It could be a picture of your opponent, a picture of the belt, holiday place where you will go after the fight or whatever else works for you. Then stick that Goal Vision everywhere you can, the more you see it, the better.

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