TUF Live Finale – Your MMA dream in one day

The-Ultimate-Fighter-LogoMost pro MMA athletes have different goals in mind and although for some money and fame are great motivators, for many others it may not be about being famous and rich. People have different drives and motivations that push them forward in their MMA career but they all one thing in common: to be the best athlete they can be and reach the top of the ladder and fight for the biggest promotion.  These days, more often than not, that translates to…

fighting for the UFC

Fighting for the promotions like Bellator, Strikeforce and the UFC can seem totally out of reach even to athletes with great skills. Self-doubts, distortion of the real skills they have and confidence drop can make it easy for some fighters to think that getting into top promotions is not going to happen for them, and if it is it will take a really long time. The reality of things however is different.  In reality things can happen relatively quickly and, most importantly, they can all happen whilst you have fun.

Look at the The Ultimate Fighters guys!  These guys, both the ones in the finale and the ones who fell short during the season, will probably have prosperous futures in MMA and yet they most likely were in similar position to yours only a few months ago.  Now, they are in the UFC!  The same can happen to you, you must keep on training of course, you must work hard, sweat blood and tears and you must aspire to be the best you can be at all times but your dream may really be around the corner.  Sometimes it may feel that the red light on our road has been out way too long, we may think that the traffic is too stuck in that direction and we may feel like we want to back down because we are not going to make it in time.

But never turn around, never back off and never quit before the light goes green because your dream may be just behind that corner.  It takes one day to reach your dreams, the day when you choose to keep on keeping on until that green light comes on; the TUF guys did!


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